Speed up with
Mini Analyser™

from Massive Bioinformatics

Mini Analyser

Mini Analyser is a desktop application that enables the conversion of FASTQ file format to the VCF data format.

Local Analysis

Mini Analyser serves as a locally installed application on users’ computers. This allows users to perform preliminary analysis of raw data in FASTQ format.

Fast and Efficient

Mini Analyser significantly reduces data storage requirements and speeds up the analysis process.

Data Security

By keeping the data in FASTQ format on the local computer, an extra level of security is provided for genomic information.

Easy Data Transfer

VCF files obtained locally from Mini Analyser can be uploaded to cloud based Massive Analyser much faster when compared to FASTQ files. FASQ files are large data files that may take up to several hours to upload, depending on the size of the file and the network connection.

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