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Massive Bioinformatics R&D Company’s MobiomX product line specializes in nucleic acid-related technologies. These products serve a variety of purposes, including nucleic acid extraction, detection, purification, and synthesis. The products are designed for a variety of applications, including genomic DNA extraction from various sample types, fluorescent-based detection of DNA and RNA at specific concentrations, efficient RNA isolation from cells and tissues, gel electrophoresis molecular weight standards, tools for DNA fragment purification and size selection, and reagents for qPCR and cDNA synthesis. These products collectively fulfill the different needs of nucleic acid analysis and manipulation researchers and laboratories.


2 × HiFi Taq Master Mix


HF101 / HF105 / HF115

1 ml / 5 ml / 15 ml


It is a blend based on a new generation enzyme, HiFi Taq Polymerase, whose PCR has been developed for high accuracy results. The proprietary extension factor found in HiFi Taq Master Mix greatly improves ownership and PCR server, including long fragment amplification with specificity enhancingfactors and plateau inhibiting non-effector factor. HiFi Master Mix can amplify long fragments such as 40 kb λ DNA, 40 kb plasmid DNA, 20 kb genomic DNA and 10 kb cDNA.


SuperMix RT for qPCR (gDNA depletion)



100 rxn


The kit containing the next generation RT-III qRT Supermix reverse transcriptase enzyme with optimized buffer solution further increases the efficiency of cDNA synthesis and is suitable for two-step qRT-PCR detection. The 4 × gDNA depletion Mix included in the kit provides more reliable quantitative results by separating genomic DNA from template RNA.


First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (gDNA depletion)


FRT-III-50 / FRT-III-100

50 rxn / 1000 rxn


Contains First Strand cDNA Synthesis Reverse Transcriptase enzyme and buffer solution, a next generation reverse transcriptase optimized for reverse transcription to improve the efficiency of 1st chain synthesis. The 5× gDNA depletion Mix included in the kit can quickly eliminate genomic DNA contamination within 2 minutes.


One Step qRT-PCR Probe Kit


ORT-PRB-100 ORT-PRB-1000 / ORT-PRB-5000

50 rxn / 1000 rxn

The One Step qRT-PCR Probe Kit is specifically designed for qPCR using direct RNA (eg virus RNA) as a template. By using gene-specific primers (GSP), reverse transcription and qPCR can be completed in a single tube, significantly reducing the pipetting steps and the risk of contamination.


Gel Electrophoresis

GelRed Nucleic Acid Stain (10000X)


GR101 / GR105 / GR150

500 ul/ 5 ul / 50 ul


GelRed is the equivalent of ethidium bromide (EB); nucleic acid gel with high sensitivity, low toxicity and strong thermal stability It is a new fluorescent dye for dyeing. GelRed is used for dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA staining in agarose and polyacrylamide electrophoresis.


DNA Ladders


2000 bp / 5000 bp / 15000 bp / 100 bp

50 rxn / 1000 rxn


It consists of double-stranded DNA fragments with a specific molecular weight. DNA in agarose gel electrophoresis mixed with loading buffer containing a blue dye conforming to molecular weight standards.


Nucleic Acid Isolation

DNA Isolation Kit All-in-One (Mini)


DA101 / DA102 

50 rxn/200 rxn


Suitable for isolation of genomic DNA from ≤200 μl fresh or frozen anticoagulated whole blood, <25 mg animal tissue, <5 x 106 pure culture cells or <3 x 109 bacterial culture samples. The kit is based on silica gel column purification technology, which eliminates the need for time-consuming methods such as extraction with phenol/chloroform organic solvents or alcohol precipitation.


Viral DNA/RNA Mini Kit



50 rxn


From various samples such as blood, serum, plasma, swab, tissue, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and cell culture supernatant. It can be used for rapid extraction of high purity viral DNA/RNA.


Gel DNA Extraction Kit (Mini)



100 rxn


The kit uses an optimized buffer system to extract 70 bp to 20 kb DNA fragments from TAE/TBE agarose gels of different concentrations. and silica gel column purification technology. Purified DNA can be used directly for ligation, transformation, enzymatic digestion, in vitro transcription, PCR, sequencing, microinjection and other molecular studies.


Cell/Tissue Total RNA Isolation Kit



50 rxn


It provides a rapid method for the extraction of total RNA from animal tissues and cells. The kit is based on silica gel membrane purification technology and does not require β-mercaptoethanol, phenol/chloroform or any other toxic reagents during the extraction process.

Total RNA Isolation Kit from Plant



50 rxn


It is specially designed for the isolation of total RNA from different plant tissues. The kit uses silica gel column purification technology, so there is no need for toxic reagents such as phenol chloroform during the extraction process and no time-consuming alcohol removal step.



MB dsDNA HS Assay Kit


HSD01 / HSD02 

100 rxn/ 500 rxn


It is a fluorescent-based double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) detection kit that is simple to apply, sensitive and gives precise results. It contains ready-made working solution (with fluorescent dye) and dsDNA standards.


MB RNA HS Assay Kit


HSR01 / HSR02 

100 rxn/ 500 rxn


It is a fluorescent-based RNA detection kit that is simple to apply, sensitive and gives precise results. The kit includes fluorescent detection reagent, buffer solution and RNA standards.


DNA/RNA Purification

MagBead DNA


MBD01 / MBD02 / MBD03 / MBD04

5 ml/ 60 ml / 450 ml / 45 ml


DNA Manyetik Boncukları, SPRI’ye (Solid Phase – Reverse Immobilization) dayalıdır ve yeni nesil dizileme (NGS) kitaplığının hazırlanması sırasında DNA saflaştırması ve fragman boyut seçimi için kullanılır.


MagBead RNA


MBR01 / MBR01 / MBR03 

5 ml/ 40 ml / 450 ml


MagBead RNA Magnetic Beads are based on SPRI (Solid Phase Reverse Immobilization) and are used for RNA purification. The kit binds the RNA to the beads and efficiently removes all proteins, salt ions and other impurities.


Library Preparation

Rapid T4 DNA Ligase


RL01 / RL02

10 rxn / 100 rxn


T4 DNA Ligase, phosphodiester bond between adjacent 5′-phosphate and 3′-hydroxyl at the blunt or sticky end of double strand DNA catalyzes its formation. In ligation-based kits, the Oxford Nanopore Platform, one of the third generation sequencing technologies, (SQK-LSK109, SQK-LSK110, SQK-LSK114) is used in the adapter ligation step.


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