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About Molzym

From CE IVD-marked broad-range molecular diagnostic kits, host DNA depletion technology, MolYsisTM, to ultra-clean PCR reagents and assays, Molzym is one of the leading providers of culture-independent molecular solutions. Molzym’s technology enables the detection of microbes directly from body fluids, tissues, and swabs using PCR or NGS-based methods. Pathogens can be identified within hours, significantly improving the management of patients with rapid, pathogen-targeted antimicrobial therapy.


SepsiTest™-UMD CE IVD


SepsiTest™-UMD is the unbiased way of culture-independent detection and identification of bacterial and fungal pathogens in body fluids, tissues and swabs for routine diagnosis.

Characters and benefits:

  • One protocol for a broad range of clinical specimens (fluids, tissues, swabs)
  • Detection of intact, non-culturable and antibiotic-inhibited pathogens
  • More than 1,350 microorganisms identified so far
  • Extraction of enriched microbial DNA
  • PCR or Real-Time PCR assays targeting 16S and 18S rRNA genes of bacteria and fungi
  • Identification of bacterial and fungal species by Sanger sequencing
  • PCR and extraction controls included
  • All reagents guaranteed DNA-free
  • Analysis of up to 10 ml samples in combination with Add-On 10


Automated Pathogen Diagnosis


Fully Automated Pathogen Diagnosis

Micro-Dx™ CE IVD

Innovative automated pathogen DNA enrichment and isolation on SelectNA™plus robot combined with broad-range 16S & 18S PCR assays


Semi-Automated Pathogen Diagnosis


Combination of manual pathogen enrichment and automated DNA isolation and broad-range 16S & 18S PCR assays

Micro-Dx™ CE IVD


Good bye enervating DNA preparation – CE IVD-marked Micro-Dx™ presents automated DNA preparation from diverse specimens. Low hands-on in Real-Time PCR diagnosis of pathogens is ideal for daily routine.

Characters and benefits:

  • Completely automated human DNA depletion and microbial DNA extraction
  • Robotic isolation of bacterial and fungal DNA
  • Low hands-on time (10-15 min)
  • Just one protocol for a diversity of clinical specimens
  • Culture-independent diagnosis of growing and non-growing pathogens
  • Sequencing identification of pathogens from 160 bacterial genera
  • Exact discrimination of Candida, Cryptococcus and other yeast species, Aspergillus
  • Flexibility: processing of 1-12 samples per run
  • Controlled DNA-free reagents and consumables
  • Extraction and PCR run controls included

Deep-Freeze Sample Storage


Long-term storage of your valuable samples – UMD-Tubes are the perfect solution for long-term stabilization of intact microorganisms in clinical and other samples. UMD-Tubes can be ideally combined with our CE IVD kits  SepsiTest™-UMD and Micro-Dx™.

Characters and benefits:

  • Stabilization of live bacteria and fungi in fluid samples
  • Protection of pathogens from freeze-thaw damage
  • Vial and cryo-protectant are free of contaminating microbial DNA
  • Flexible sample volume: 0.4 to 2 ml

UMD-Tubes are vials containing a cryo-protectant for long-term storage of clinical and other fluid samples at -70 to -80 °C. The sample storage conditions are optimal for the analysis of samples at a later time, e.g. for studies and evaluations. Often, sampling and storage are critical steps, especially if assays are targeting intact cells. UMD-Tubes prevent the rupture of microorganisms by freeze-thaw events and guarantee full performance of the diagnosis without loss of sensitivity, even after months of storage.

Life Science

Pathogen DNA Enrichment and Isolation


MolYsis™ kits are ideal for the supply of enriched microbial DNA for the direct analysis of pathogens in human and animal samples. The kits are evaluated for all sorts of body fluids like blood, CSF, synovial aspirates, BAL and other specimens.

Characters and benefits:

  • Depletion of host (human/animal) DNA from body fluids
  • Enrichment of bacterial and fungal DNA
  • Removal of PCR inhibitors
  • Broad-range lysis of Gram-positive, Gram-negative bacteria and fungi
  • Buffers and reagents are contamination-free
  • 0.2 to 1 ml or 5 ml sample volumes

MolYsis™ is a unique system of targeted isolation of microbial DNA from complex clinical samples such as blood, aspirates and other body fluids. The selective lysis of host cells and the degradation of the released host DNA avoid unspecific primer binding and thereby greatly enhance the sensitivity and specificity of PCR or Real-Time PCR analysis of pathogens. For detailed information see Technology. The kit series allows sample processing in the range of 0.2 to 1 ml or 5 ml.

Automated Microbial DNA Enrichment and Extraction


The SelectNA™plus robotic system is the walk-away solution for enrichment and isolation of microbial DNA. The contained environment in the instrument is ideal to minimize the contamination risk from air-borne sources and handling errors.
The robot is operated with the MolYsis-SelectNA™plus kit and validated for 1 ml fluid samples, swabs and tissue biopsies. The process is based on an innovative vacuum-driven protocol for host DNA depletion and pathogen enrichment followed by microbial DNA isolation providing an optimal solution for e.g. low load samples with only small amounts of microbial DNA. The isolated DNA can be used with any molecular assay for the analysis of bacterial or fungal genes, genomes or metagenomes.

Characters and benefits:

  • Innovative walk-away pathogen DNA extraction
  • Host-DNA-depletion technology
  • DNA-free consumables and reagents
  • Vacuum-driven system
  • UV decontamination
  • Validated for primary sterile body fluids, swabs and tissues
  • Bench-top instrument
  • Flexible: 1 to 12 samples at a time

DNA-Free PCR Reagents & Assays


Try Molzym’s contamination-free PCR/Real-Time PCR products for the sensitive detection of bacterial and fungal DNA. Available are reagents for custom assay development and complete 16S and 18S assays.

PCR and Real-Time PCR Reagents

Polymerases, water and master mixes are manufactured free of microbial DNA and are high in amplification activity over 40 cycles. Master mixes contain all reagents for assays to be used with custom primers.

Broad-Range 16S & 18S Assays

Complete assays are available for the sensitive PCR/Real-Time PCR detection of parts of 16S and 18S rRNA genes of eubacteria and fungi, respectively. Amplicon sequencing primers enable their identification.

PCR and Real-Time PCR Reagents

Our special purification technology removes traces of DNA from PCR reagents. Taq and master mixes unfold highest sensitivity and reliability of detection of microbial DNA in assays employing your own primers.

Characters and benefits:

  • High activity, DNA-free Taq DNA polymerases
  • Hot start Taq available
  • PCR amplification up to 40 cycles without background
  • Master mixes for PCR and Real-Time PCR (fluorescent dye)
  • Taq and master mixes are ready for probe assays

A series of kits is especially dedicated to the sensitive and specific detection of bacterial and fungal DNA in samples. All reagents are manufactured DNA-free with respect to microbial DNA contaminations. Likewise, the reagents are highly active in their amplification performance, allowing up to 40 amplification cycles without background in negative controls. DNA-free MolTaq 16S/18S and Hot MolTaq 16S/18S are the Taq DNA polymerases of choice if you experience contamination problems with other standard Taqs. The new developed Hot MolTaq 16S/18S combines the favourable characters of MolTaq 16S/18S with hot start amplification and thereby increased specificity.

Master mixes contain pre-assembled reagents necessary for PCR, including dNTPs, buffer, and Mg2+ (3mM final concentration). Mastermix 16S/18S Basic is a ready-to-go master mix – just add your validated PCR primers and probes. Mastermix 16S/18S Dye is the master mix of choice if you want to run Real-Time PCRs with your primers using an intercalating dye.

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