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MassBiome is a software product developed by the Massive Bioinformatics company that analyzes the diversity and microbial content of gut microbiome by 16S, 23S, and ITS genes of microbial strains.

Functional Groups in Your Gut

Some bacteria in the gut are involved in the breakdown or production of important compounds. The percentage of these functional bacteria gives clues about gut health. For example, bacteria that break down dietary fibre to produce short chain fatty acids are extremely beneficial for gut health and strengthen the immune system. Therefore, it is very important to have these bacteria in the gut. Pathogenic bacteria can also be present in the gut and their detection is of great importance for both gut health and general health. The graph below shows the level of functional groups in your gut relative to values in the population. More information on the functional groups can be found later in the report.

From the Individual’s Point of View

We are delivering a comprehensive report system to clients which reports:

03Pathogenic Bacteria

03Functional Groups
03Microbiome Type
03Firmicutes/Bacteroidota Ratio
03Microbiome Diversity
03Susceptible Diseases
03Protected Diseases
03Probiotics Status
03Vitamin Status
03Specific Bacterial Abundance

From the Enterprise’s Point of View

Ready to use system set-up

Minimize your bulk loading with cost efficiency to deliver faster reports by flexible volume advantage of Oxford Nanopore Sequencing platforms

End-to-end traceable sample management with unique barcode system

8 to 12 months of ROI expectation for 576 sample system orders with the lowest selling price per sample.




Perfect for separating species quickly and cost-effectively

30K Different Species Detection   

3-Day Run Time

End-to-End Solution

Personalized Diet Guidence




Perfect for separating strains to subspecies comprehenisively with higher accuracy.

30K Different Species Detection

with higher accuracy

5-Day Run Time

End-to-End Solution

Personalized Diet Guidence




Perfect for analyzing microbiome and mycobiome with single analysis.

Single Pipeline for 2 Different Purpose

Higher Accuracy

End-to-End Solution

Personalized Diet Guidence

Advantages of Long Read Sequencing

Microbiome Analysis at Strain Level:

MassBiome was tasked with analyzing bacteria at the strain level within the field of microbiome.


Addressing a Significant Gap:


There was a notable absence of products capable of strain-level analysis, leading to a substantial gap in microbiota research.


Utilizing Oxford Nanopore's Long-Read Sequencing


MassBiome utilized Oxford Nanopore’s long-read sequencing technology to achieve results at the strain level.


Filling the Void in Microbiota Research:

By leveraging long-read sequencing, MassBiome bridged the gap in strain-level analysis, an accomplishment not attainable by Illumina and other platforms.

Enhancing Disease Discrimination:


This breakthrough elevated the ability of clinicians to distinguish pathogens to the desired level, surpassing the capabilities of Illumina and other existing platforms.



Example Report Sections

Disease Detection

Determining Vitamin Status

Recommended Foods

The nutrient table provides a nutritional recommendation based on the results of your gut microbiome analysis,
aiming to increase important information such as low vitamin levels, functional group bacteria amounts and probiotic
levels. However, this recommendation is only a starting point and should be customised taking into account the
individual’s health status, lifestyle, eating habits and other factors. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a dietitian
for a more comprehensive nutrition plan.

Probiotics Analysis

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